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Seeking Service Dog Models

Several of our goals at Anything Pawsable include bringing you breaking news, keeping you informed of important developments in the Service Dog community and creating state-of-the-art training tutorials for tricks, obedience, public access behaviors and tasks. Thanks to our hard-working Service Dog in Training (SDiT) and Service Dog models, we’re usually able to include helpful graphics and illustrations with our pieces.

Please avoid including people’s faces when possible, however legs, feet, wheelchairs or other medical equipment are fine.

Service Dogs in the following settings:

  • School Environments: K-9, High School, College, University
  • Work Environments (Retail, Office, etc.)
  • Public Settings (Stores, Theaters, Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Performing Tasks (Opening Doors, Deep Pressure Therapy, Alerts, etc.)

If you’d like to be added to our Service Dog model list for us to contact when we need illustrations for a piece, please fill out the form below.