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Incorporating Your Dog in Your Baby Announcements

Expecting a new baby? Why not incorporate your furry child into your announcements? They are after all one of the family!


1.  A Doggie Proposal

Dog and mom to be

Photo Credit: Danielle Hettinger

This is exactly what your dog will be thinking!

2. An Official Toy Tester

Toy Tester Dog Baby Announcement

Photo Credit: Becoming His 31

After all every family needs an official toy tester!

3. A Beautiful Silhouette 

Silhouette Baby Announcement With Dog

Photo Credit: Live, Love and Lucy

A picture you will treasure always.

4. Catching Up on Some Reading

Dog Reading How to Be a Big Brother

Photo Credit: Baby Prepping

After all, it is good for them to be informed!

5. Growing by Two Feet

2 Paws and Baby Shoes

Photo Credit: Melanie Smith

Another take on this great idea is to get your dog to hold a sign in his mouth with the table number.

6. Big Brother or Big Sister

Dog Big Brother with Banner

Photo Credit: A Step in the Journey

How cute is this?!

7. With the Ultrasound

Dogs with Ultrasound

Photo Credit: Today

So simple, yet so beautiful!

8. Paw on Tummy

Paw on Tummy

Photo Credit: Love Mate Photography

Do you think the dog can feel the kicking too?

9. Something Humorous 

Baby Prepping with Dog

Photo Credit: Baby Prepping

After all it is good to get whatever practice you can get!

10. Pet Human

Dogs with Pet Human Sign

Photo Credit: Indulgy

Hopefully they will be as excited as when kids get a new pet!

We wish you the best with your new addition! Have you done any unique baby announcements with your dog? Share them with us!



  • Larry February 15, 2017

    All these photos are great! Thanks for sharing then with us! My Service Dog Maverick and I enjoyed them! I showed them to him via the television! He just sat in the chair and watched!

    I want to personally thank Anything Pawsable for their commitment of bringing Service Dog awareness to the general public. Is there a link that Anything Pawsable could post with every article which explains and/or shows video that reflects common courtesy about petting and distracting service dog teams from their work? If possible, please include a note that that service dog teams are not trying to be rude when they ask a person not to pet or distract a Service Dog from working! Thank you in advance for your articles and awareness to the public! I share Anything Pawsable with as many people as Pawsable!

    Larry Stiff.
    Justin, TX


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