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We’re updating our website and services, now is your time to be heard!

We are going to be conducting a major overhaul of the United States Service Dog Registry starting in October, which means you once again have the chance to give us your input to make this Assistance Animal Registry exactly what you need! We’re going to be including a lot of new features. We will slightly revise the site layout with more information, add the ability to register other types of animals and allow access to a few more items in our shop. Please send us your comments and we will take them into consideration when we perform our update. Now is your chance to be heard!

Introducing Reggie!
Reggie is our new Assistance Animal mascot who is helping us get the word out about the Registry. Some of you may have already met him on Flickr or if you have ordered something from us. He’s going to be a big help in educating the public about the different types of Assistance Animals in use today.



  • PwD-SD-Awareness September 4, 2008

    Thanks for the information. I will add this to my forums to get this out to others.

  • HearingK9Girl September 4, 2008

    Thanks! You guys are so awesome!!!!! Cute cartoon too!

  • Johnathan Rice September 10, 2008

    After 12 years my guide dog finally passed on from cancer. Next month I’m getting a new guide dog but I wish there was some way to put Alexi into the registry as sort of a memorial. Thanks!

  • ServiceDog September 25, 2008

    Hi Johnathan. I think that sounds like an excellent idea. We’ve heard about that from several registrants and are going to be including a memorial feature so your assistance animal can remain in the registry but not exist as an active registration. We are planning on including a place for people to write something about their dog. If you have a new assistance animal but still want to remember your previous dog, we are also going to include a way for you to link to the memorial page.


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