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Service Dog Standards Launches Powerful, Free Tools for Service Dog Trainers and Handlers

Service Dog Standards Website

Service Dog Standards (SDS) launches a suite of powerful new tools — specifically built for those who want to become partnered with a service dog and those who are currently service dog trainers or handlers — with the goal of making the process more straightforward, responsible and fun!

Responsible service dog partnership.

There are a lot of documents, tests and tools that responsible Service Dog trainers and handlers use as part of their training regimen. While absolutely none of these things on their own make a dog a Service Dog — and are strictly not required for Service Dog ownership under federal law — many handlers find them helpful as part of documenting their training. Service Dog Standards allows clients to share the fact that they have these documents in their possession without violating their privacy.

Robust tools for handlers, trainers and training organizations

At Service Dog Standards, trainers and training organizations can promote their businesses with free, robust, professional listings, manage, track and organize their human and canine clients and much more. Service dog handlers can create their own secure team Profile Page where they can safely share their training resume, complete with photos, training accomplishments and more. SDS also includes templates for physicians and walks people through the often complicated process of owning and training a service dog.

Example of a Service Dog Handler profile page on Service Dog Standards

See this example of a Service Dog Handler profile page on Service Dog Standards


Based on over a decade of input from experienced service dog trainers and handlers, Service Dog Standards clearly lays out what is expected in terms of training, public behavior and more. Service Dog Standards aims to encourage adherence to the ADA and increase public trust through technology and education.

Service Dog Standards Trainer Profile Example

Example of a Service Dog Trainer profile page on Service Dog Standards

Service Dog Standards features:

· Free for trainers and handlers forever
· Public profile page for service dog handlers with a secure resume
· Business listings for dog trainers and breeders
· Robust tools to manage service dog puppy candidates, graduates, washouts and more
· Manage multiple service animals and their status
· Secure training and ownership history
· Clear explanation of expectations for service dog trainers and handlers
· Service Dog Standards Public Access Test
· Service Dog Standards Training and Behavior Standards
· Template and guidance for getting a physician letter
· Information to help the public better understand the complexities of Service Dogs

A service dog training resume may include:

· Passing a Public Access Test
· A trained task list
· Detailed digital or analog training logs
· Doctor’s notes
· Completing an advanced obedience class
· Passing AKC Good Citizen Test or similar
· Having complete and up-to-date veterinary records
· Having a trainer or organization sign off on your dog
· Letters of reference
· And more

In addition to these features, Service Dog Standards has a supportive online community of service animal trainers, handlers and their families, friends and fans. Check out their website at and be sure to give a virtual “pet” to a good service pooch!






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    I love the “pet me” feature! so cute!


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