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We Need Service Dog Pictures!

Are you interested in potentially having pictures of your partner appear in a published book about Service Dogs? One of our authors here at Anything Pawsable is wrapping up a book manuscript, and needs some quality images of teams in the field for illustration, examples and flair!

We’re looking for high quality, high resolution images of dogs in uniform doing any of the following:

  • Chilling and relaxing
  • Out in public
  • In specific situations, including in the hospital, at doctor’s offices, grocery stores, physical therapy, and at school
  • At their handler’s workplace
  • Actively training and learning
  • Doing tasks or work
  • Showcasing equipment
  • Showing various skills, such as unders, nose/paw targeting, positions, retrieves, etc.
  • On public transportation (buses, subways, trains, planes)
  • Just being dogs while around the house, in or out of gear

Pictures should be clear, focused, free of clutter, in color, and clearly showcasing some facet of Service Dog life, living, behavior and reality. Pictures should not be blurry or pixelated.

If you’d like to send in your pictures, you can email them to with the subject line “Service Dog Picture(s).” WIthin the email, please include your name, your location (city and state is fine), your partner’s name and breed, and what type of work your partner performs for you, as well as a preferred title, if any (like Medical Assistance Dog).

Please note that if you send us your photograph, you are providing permission for us to use it, with proper attribution to you and your partner.

EDIT: The email address to send pictures to is — we’re super sorry for providing the wrong email during the initial request, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!



  • Vondakay Lofley November 9, 2017

    Can they refuse to let you take your service dog into court because they want to know who trained your dog to detect strokes and heart attacks and where they are registered? So annoying. But I don’t want to be rude it is a court official that causes problems the judge said he is the most respectable well trained dog I’ve ever met can I take his dogs and train them to act like my little York is?


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