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Get a free copy of the children’s book about the making of a Service Dog, "A Job for Arabella"

In this joyful book for children Pat Nowak shows us the long, challenging, emotional and deeply rewarding process of training a Service Dog. We were proud to be able to give away 25 copies of this book in support of Canines for Service.

Follow Arabella as she tells the story of her journey from a puppy without a home to her very special job as a fully trained Canines For Service Service Dog. You will find yourself rooting for Arabella as she passes each challenge and bonds with each trainer until finally meeting her best friend and handler David, a dad who uses a wheelchair.

The beautiful black and white pencil drawings by Mary Alice Baumgardner are reminiscent of classic children’s books — and the charming narrative teaches children (and adults) about the life of a Service Dog and is packed with training details without sounding like a teaching book. It’s perfect anyone who loves dogs, has ever considered becoming a puppy raiser for a Service Dog program or has thought about how a Service Dog might help assist with a disability they have — or someone they care about has.

Classroom discussion questions:

  1. What characteristics make Arabella a good Service Dog?
  2. What did you learn about the process of training a Service Dog?
  3. What are some of the tasks that a Service Dog can do for their handler?
  4. Would you like to be a foster family for a Service Dog in training?
  5. What techniques did the trainers use to teach Arabella?


About Canines for Service

Canines for Service is the new name for Carolina Canines. The broader name is a better description of the services they offer.

Canines For Service does more than train service dogs. They help people live more independent lives. It’s more than just four paws helping. From Canines for Service, Veterans, Therapy and Literacy, every team member is dedicated to provide quality, consistent and reliable care for every individual they serve.

Canines for Service Quick Facts:

  • Established in December 1996
  • Over $6.0 million in services to our communities
  • 51 clients served with quality trained service dogs
  • Providing Veterans with disabilities with quality trained service dogs for mobility, TBI and PTSD since 2008
  • Teaching military prisoners how to train service dogs since 2008
  • Newman’s Own Award recipient in 2009 and 2010 for innovative programs supporting military families
  • Canines for Veterans program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor in June 2011 as an Apprenticeship Program for Service Dog Technician
  • Certifying animal assisted therapy teams since 2002
  • Over 400 certified animal assisted therapy teams
  • Providing literacy mentors with Canines for Literacy since 2002
  • Over 600 children experienced the joy of reading with 83% improving their reading levels
  • Over 250 volunteers giving an average of 2500 hours each month

About the author, Pat Nowak Hairston
Pat Nowak Hariston is the Program Manager for Canines for Service.

Before joining Canines for Service as a staff member in 2004, she was a key volunteer with the organization for two and a half years, assisting in the office, at events and coordinating volunteers. Her career started in the pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years experience in corporate America. She pulls from her expertise in project planning, management and operations to carry out the daily functions of Canines for Service.  Pat is very involved in the Therapy program as a registered Canines for Therapy team with her Airedale Terrier Delta Mae and a Canines for Therapy Team Assessor, Certified R.E.A.D.® instructor (Reading Education Assistance Dogs is a program of Intermountain Therapy Animals).



Get a free copy of “A Job for Arabella”
We were proud to be able to give away 25 copies of A Job for Arabella in support of Canines for Service! Each copy included a free USSDR bookmark.

For now, we’ve given away all of our copies. Please get your own directly from Canines for Service’s online store!

A Job for Arabella
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  • Kayla Branscum September 7, 2017

    My name is Kayla Branscum, I am a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. I am currently raising my third puppy for CCI, Shadow. Shadow and I will be reading to a first grade and a special needs class weekly and would love to share “A Job For Arabella” with the students. If possible, please send me a copy of this book to educate the students at school.
    Thank you,
    Kayla Branscum & Shadow (puppy in program)


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