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Are you a veteran with a Service Dog who was denied benefits?

We’ve heard from several veterans who have had problems with the VA and their Service or Assistance Dogs. Today, the VA clarified a scarcely known benefit in Title 38 Section 1714, offering benefits to veterans using certain types of assistance dogs.

Who can you thank? AMVETS, Luis Montalvan, an OEF/OIF veteran, and Kevin Stone, a Paralympic bronze medalist. Both veterans accompanied AMVETS and partner non-profit assistance dog agency Paws With A Cause on recent meetings with legislators and policy-makers in Washington. Montalvan and Stone have already received approval of benefits for their assistance dogs Tuesday and Mambo.

If you’re a veteran with a Service or Assistance Dog and were previously denied — or are awaiting approval — you’ll want to reapply immediately. Ask your VA caseworker to file VA Form 10-2641 (internal use only) and proper accompanying paperwork. For more info, view the AMVETS Press Release.



  • tom April 26, 2010

    My dog is sponsored by the Defense Commissary Agency and Milk Bone. This was done over six years ago. I don't understand why anyone would be denied services regarding a service animal with the VA. They are totally supportive of me.


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