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20 More Pawsome Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

It’s that time of year again…Halloween! Last year we wrote an article on costume ideas for your dog. However, we thought we would share with you twenty more costumes for inspiration.

1.  Thing One and Thing Two 

Dogs dressed up as Thing One and Thing Two

Photo Credit: Farmhouse 38

We think that even Dr. Seuss would have been impressed with these costumes.

2. Beanie Baby

Pug dressed up as a TY Beanie Baby

Photo Credit: Pugdemonium

Hopefully you don’t collect dogs the same way you collected Beanie Babies in the 90’s!

3. Fairy Dog 

Dog dressed as a fairy

Photo Credit: Popsugar

The prettiest fairy you ever did see.

4. Allbark Einstein 

Dog Dressed as Albert Einstein

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This costume is creative and smart.

5. Robin Hound

Dog dressed as Robin Hood

Photo Credit: natannepiccolo via BuzzFeed

All ready for Halloween and Sherwood Forest!

6. Lawn Gnome 

Dog dressed as a Lawn Gnome

Photo Credit: katieo4dd60f5f9 via BuzzFeed

Just don’t leave him out in the garden after Halloween!

7. Ladybug

Lady Bug Dog Costume

Photo Credit: LoveToKnowDogs

If this ladybug flies away from you that would be true Halloween magic.

8. Horse and Jockey

Dog dressed as horse and human dressed as Jockey

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lynn

You’re sure to win the Triple Crown with this costume!

9. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Dogs dressed as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Hilary Gilcris via Apartment Therapy

Who do you think will win this debate?

10. Evel Knievel

Dog dressed as Evel Knievel

Photo Credit: Ammo the Dachshund

“Where there is little risk, there is little reward.” ~Evel Knievel

11. Chia Pet 

Dog dressed as Chia Pet

Photo Credit: I Found the Place via Country Living

Does this look like the Chia Pet you had in the 80’s?

12. Christmas Caroler

Dog as Christmas Caroler

Photo Credit: MattiOnline via Etsy

I think everyone would sing along with this Christmas caroler.

13. Pikachu and Ash

Dog dressed as Pikachu and human dressed at Ash

Photo Credit: Kurt Andre via Brit & Co

I choose you!

14. Squirrel 

Dog dressed as Squirrel

Photo Credit: High Society Canine

This is a pretty big squirrel!

15. Knight and His Horses

Person dressed as knight and dogs as horses

Photo Credit: Karen Miller via Huffington Post

Look at this Knight in Shining Armor and his cute horses!

16. Monkey and Banana 

Dog dressed as Banana and baby as monkey

Photo Credit: Karen Miller via Huffington Post


17. Football Players and Referee 

2 kids dressed as football players and dog as referee

Photo Credit: Katie Klein Gara via Huffington Post

This referee might be a bit biased if you have treats!

18. Lion and Tamer 

Dog dressed as lion and baby as lion tamer

Photo Credit: Casey Hildreth via Huffington Post

The safest lion we have ever seen.

19. Rosie the Riveter

Pug dressed as Rosie the Riveter

Photo Credit: Underbite Textiles via Brit & Co

We can do it!

20. Ghostbuster

Dog Ghostbuster Costume

Photo Credit:

Who you gonna call?

Enjoy Howl-ween with your favorite pup!

P.S. The feature image was taken by Found Animals Foundation. They have some great pictures, check them out here!


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