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20 Pawsome Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog!

It’s that time of year again…Halloween! Check out the ideas below for a guaranteed costume contest win this year. We hope you will share your dog’s Halloween costume with us!

1.  Dorothy and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy and the Scarecrow

Photo Credit: Mike McCune via Flickr

These pups definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore with their matching Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes.

2. Frankenweenie


Photo Credit: Pets Adviser

It’s alive! It’s alliiive! This Tim Burton’s 1984 short film (and 2012 remake) inspired costume brings “Sparky” back from the dead.

3. Lets Dance!

Ballerina Dog Costume

Photo Credit:

We hope this one doesn’t ruin their costume dancing in the rain!

4. Pup-tini

Dog Martini Costume

Photo Credit: The Daily Grind

This pup knows that shaken not stirred is best!

5. You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog 

Dog Elvis Costume

Photo Credit: Some Pets

This costume idea will have you saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

6. Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Costume Dog

Photo Credit: Celebrity Dachshund

Fighting crime…One paw at a time!

7. What’s Up Doc?

Dog Doctor Costume

Photo Credit: Baggy Bulldogs

This doctor is known for his great bedside manner.

8. A Pirate’s Life for Me

Dog Pirate Costume

Photo Credit: The Daily Corgi

Shiver me timbers! This corgi wants you to batten the hatches!

9. Sherlock Bones

Dog Sherlock Costume

Photo Credit: Costume Works

Elementary my dear Watson! This will solve the case of what costume your dog should wear this year.

10. Clowning Around

Dog Clown Costume

Photo Credit: Preston Speaks

The perfect clown for your child’s next Birthday party!

11. Game Day

Dog Cheerleader Costume

Photo Credit: Houston Press

This costume will help them show you that they are your biggest fan!

12. Strawberry Dog 

Dog Strawberry Costume

Photo Credit: Professor Pincushion

The perfect pick! Strawberries aren’t just for summer.

13. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Costume

Photo Credit: Daily Dawdle

This costume is perfect for the Hundred Acre Wood!

14. Flower Power

Dog Flower Costume

Photo Credit: Doggie Vogue via Flickr

What a beautiful pink flower!

15. Police Dog

Police Dog Costume

Photo Credit: A Place to Love Dogs

This dog is the farthest thing from a bad dog!

16. Harry Potter

Dog Harry Potter Costume

Photo Credit: Sleepy Howell

They let dogs into Hogwarts now?

17. Pupcake

Dog Cupcake Costume

Photo Credit: Shelterness

Perfect for your sweet tooth!

18. Minion Costume

Minion Dog Costume

Photo Credit: Tom Dwyer


19. Vacation Wear

Dog Vacation Costume

Photo Credit: Pet Shop Diva

This costume will have your dog saying Aloha!

20. Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty Costume

Photo Credit: Costumei

I think you’ll agree with us that this is way cuter than the statue.

Enjoy Howl-ween with your favorite pup!









  • jose r October 30, 2015

    I think this is the best for halloween.


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