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Public Access Test Youtube Roundup

It’s finally time. You’ve trained for months and put hundreds of hours into the four-legged friend currently by your side. He started this journey as a dog but is ending it as a partner. Once you complete the grueling Public Access Test, you guys will be officially declared a Service Dog team.

If you’ve never taken the Public Access Test, it can be difficult to know what you’re actually training for. Reviewing the test forms and requirements are all good and well, but without actually seeing a couple of tests, it’s hard to adequately prepare and practice. In order to help you better visualize aspects of the PAT, we’re proud to present this Public Access Test Youtube Roundup.

The Public Access Test (PAT) is a quantifiable measure of a Service Dog’s or a Working K-9’s public access skills. While it’s not a “certification” exam, many programs utilize the Public Access Test as their standard for graduation. When a Service Dog successfully completes the Public Access Test, you can be assured the dog is well-mannered, responsive, highly trained and performs mitigating tasks for their partner.

There is no universal Public Access Test and many versions/variations of the test exist. However, the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Public Access Test tends to set the standard all programs and trainers strive to meet and forms the foundation upon which many programs base their Public Access Test.

Public Access Test Youtube Roundup: Wheelchair Assistance Dog

Public Access Test Youtube Roundup: Autism Assistance Dog

 Public Access Test Youtube Roundup: Psychiatric Service Dog

Public Access Test Youtube Roundup: In a Group

Public Access Test Youtube Roundup: Medical Alert Dog

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