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10 Reasons to Donate to a Service Dog Organization this Holiday Season

Training and placing Service Dogs is not easy work. Organizations that provide highly-trained dogs which are capable of performing highly specific tasks always need support. In the season of giving, here are 10 reasons why you should donate to a service dog organization this holiday season.

1.  You are Contributing to a Greater Feeling of Safety 

Dog walking with woman in field

Those who experience hearing or vision loss, often report that they feel much safer after being partnered with a service dog. People with diabetes and epilepsy, who work with a medical alert dogs, also experience similar benefits. To learn about how hearing dogs can help diabetics click here.

2. You Will Be Decreasing Loneliness

Dog resting his head off man in hammock

A study by Valentine et al. (1993), showed that of those surveyed, 90% reported feeling less lonely after being partnered with a Service Dog.

3. You are Helping to Ease Someone’s Mind 

Man with dog in grass

According to a study by Rintala et al (2002)., knowing that their loved one was accompanied by a Service Dog, promoted greater caregiver peace of mind.

4. It Will Make you Feel all Cozy Inside 

Although this shouldn’t be the main reason that you are donating, no one can deny the warm and cozy feeling that one gets after helping others. It is also good for your health! To learn more about how giving improves your health click here.

5. You will be Helping Veterans Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Become Reintegrated into their Community 

Golden retriever with American flag in the background

Gillet and Weldrick (2014), found that service dogs partnered with veterans helped to reintegrate them back into their community, by providing them with a secure base.

6. The Service Dog Puppies are so Cute

Golden retriever puppy

Aren’t service dogs in training just so darn adorable?

7. You Will Be Giving a Gift That Extends Well Past the Holidays

Dog and woman

Service dogs will be able to improve their human partners health, long after the holidays wind down.

8. You Can Help a Child with Autism 

Dog and Child on a Hill Near a Beach

Service dogs can help children with autism, by assisting with sensory overload, behavioral difficulties and anxiousness. To learn more about how service dogs help people with invisible disabilities click here.

9. You Will Be Giving the Gift of True Love 

Border Collie Dog in Snow

Service dogs can provide unconditional love for their human partner and vice versa. Check out this video of Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist who is working to uncover how dogs love us.

9. Service Dogs Promote Physical Activity 

Woman and Golden Retriever Running

A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (2011), found that those with dogs are more likely to reach their fitness goals, than those without. This is important, as for those whose disability causes them to be isolated, being partnered with a service dog can increase the length and quality of their exercise, therefore improving their health.

10. You will be helping someone find their best friend 

Girl and dog high-five

Anyone who is partnered with a Service Dog will tell you that their service dog is their best friend. How great is it that your donation will help to foster this?!

So take the time to donate to your favourite service dog organization today. You will not regret it!

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