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How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Service Dog

Holidays are not only a great time to celebrate with your friends and family, but also your Service Dog. Here are 10 great ways to celebrate the holidays with your Service Dog:

1.  Make Them Special Holiday Cookies 

Dog cookies in clear bag with ribbon

Photo Credit: Betsy Weber via Flickr

After all, everyone deserves treats over the holidays.

Here is a great 3 ingredient dog treat recipe that we found from Munchkins and the Military.

Bonus: If you are giving some treats out to fellow Service Dogs, here are some great free printable gift tags from Hip2Save, which you can add to the jar. Check them out here.

2. Put Up a Special Tree Just for Them

Christmas Tree Decorated for Dogs

Just make sure that it is up high enough so they don’t bump into it!

3. Buy Them Something Special

Lab with blue ball

They may not know what the holidays are, but they will still enjoy the present.

4. Walk Around and Look at the Christmas Lights

Girl drinking hot chocolate looking at Christmas lights

Grab your furry friend, a hot chocolate and enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season.

5. Take a Holiday Photo

Check out our blog on Holiday Photos You Need to Get of Your Service Dog, for great picture ideas.

6. Watch a Holiday Movie Together

Theater Marquee it's a Wonderful Life

Our favourites are Santa Buddies, The Dog Who Saved Christmas and The 12 Dogs of Christmas.

7. Take Them to the Christmas Tree Farm

Golden Retriever Dog at Christmas Tree Farm

Photo Credit: Richard & Krista Monteith

They will love to get a whiff of all the scents of the season!

8. Buy them the coziest sweater

Don’t hesitate to get yourself a matching one as well!

9. Go For a Run In the Snow 

2 Dogs Running in the Snow with 2 People

Because it truly is magical. Just make sure that you dress warm!

9. Kick Back and Relax

Golden retriever on couch

Sometimes amongst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget to just relax and enjoy.

10. Pay it Forward

Present on Floor

Holidays are a great way to give back to others. Check out our blog on 10 Reasons to Donate to a Service Dog Organization this Holiday Season.

Happy Howl-days to you an your Service Dog!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Heavenly Dog Photography


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