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Martingale from K9 Lifeline Designs

K9 lifeline designs has taken Martingale collars into the next level by hand-making them with such sassy colors. And this year they are giving away one customized collar to a lucky working dog! Martingale collars are known to be gentle on dogs and are highly recommended for training or working dogs since it gently tightens around the neck when it is pulled, and no part of the chain gets in contact with the dog, making it less prone to choking. It is best used for dogs with narrow heads.

As a special thanks to our members and friends for helping us encourage voluntary acceptance of Service Dog training and behavior standards, we’re giving away free gear, books, treats and more with our 2015 Howly Jowly Gear Giveaway!

martingale martingale2



  • Mardi November 29, 2015

    I would love to have this beautiful collar for my guide dog Nici.

  • marjoriesatterfield November 30, 2015

    Always use martingales have for over 35 years…all of our Service Dogs MUST wear them at all times…that way all dogs have a training collar on at all times…they are safe and easy for handlers to use …

  • Jennifer Kralik November 30, 2015

    Fashionable and gentle – winning combination!!

  • gsd partner November 30, 2015

    this would look great on my german shepherd service dog!

  • Priscilla November 30, 2015

    Nice! Lovely colors and sturdy hardware!

  • Alicia Smith November 30, 2015

    My service dog is a Great Dane and a Martingale collar works very well for her. Although she used to pull when younger she floats next to me so effortlessly that I often whip around to see is she’d there!

  • Melanie November 30, 2015

    Love the colors of the Martingale collar and would love to give it a try with my hearing service dog.

  • Lisa Faulkner December 1, 2015

    Now this just looks super sharp! I would love my SD to have some gear unique to him. Having been partnered with dogs for the past 20+ years, I would love for my dog to have something like this. To date, my dogs have all worn red nylon martingales. This just really looks great!

  • Erik Owens December 2, 2015

    Beautiful design would look great on my seal black boxer

  • Jessica HD December 12, 2015

    I love using martingale collars for training. This would be great for my Service Dog in Training!

  • Paws4Autism December 13, 2015

    These would be fabulous for our SDiT’s! Love the style and quality!


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