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Military Working Dogs Evacuated from Afghanistan Amidst Chaos

A dog's distinctive ears can be seen as they are evacuated from Kabul ( Image: @PSFAERO/Twitter)

Military Working Dogs (MWDs) dogs belonging to members of United States forces are being evacuated from Afghanistan. The MWDs and their handlers waited to be picked up on the tarmac as hundreds of Afghans attempt to flee the Taliban.

MWDs and handlers crossing tarmac

Images on social media showed the dogs with their handlers at Kabul Airport. Picture: Twitter

The MWDs were reported to have been reserved their own seats on flights, with images appearing to show dogs sitting on airplane seats alongside handlers. Images also show the animals waiting to board flights at the international airport with their handlers.

Senior US military officials say the city’s international airport has been closed to commercial flights as military evacuations continue.

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  • Janet Seavitte August 20, 2021

    Thank God! In Vietnam and WWII they just left them there! To run loose with no one to care for them. Many were eaten! Soldiers who had to leave them still are tormented by the memory of the betrayal and they cry when speaking about it. They also told Katrina flood victims to leave their pets behind!! Do these people have no hearts? At least after close to 75 years they are getting the message. And any little dogs that have been dependent on the soldiers. Their lives will be hell for those left behind. 😖

  • Anonymous August 26, 2021

    I have to believe this is happening. That these incredible Dog’s that worked side by side if not ahead with his Soldiers are coming home. This website has nice graphics but I don’t see the hundreds and hundreds of MWD’s being evacuated. Thank you for the information.

  • Anonymous August 28, 2021

    Are you people fucking crazy? Every seat given to an animal should have been an afghani refugee; “Think of the dogs in Vietnam!” Are you serious? There are human beings left to die and you’re worried about a pet.

    • Anonymous August 30, 2021

      these are animals that service this country and deserve to come home.

    • Anonymous August 31, 2021

      You probably voted for Biden anyway, so wtf should you care?!? You don’t get a “say so”.



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