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5 Service Dog Books For Kids

Children love learning about Service Dogs. Books offer kids great information about these hard working dogs in a fun-to-read format. Check out some of our favorite Service Dog books for kids below!

Service Dog Books For Kids: Follow My Leader

Service Dog Books for Kids Guide DogsTitle: Follow My Leader
Author: James B. Garfield
Type: Fiction
Topic: Guide Dogs & Partnership
Level: Intermediate Readers

Follow My Leader is a heartwarming story about a young disabled boy and his faithful new friend, Leader. Leader is a hardworking guide dog. The story follows the young boy, Jimmy, as he attempts to relearn to live life to the fullest, all with Leader showing him the way.

Service Dog Books For Kids: My Buddy

Service Dog Book For Kids | My BuddyTitle: My Buddy
Author: Audrey Osofsky
Type: Fiction
Topic: Wheelchair Service Dogs / Medical Assistance Dogs
Level: Beginning Readers

Buddy is his boy’s best friend. They do everything together. Buddy isn’t just a friend, though — he’s a hardworking partner. This is one team nothing can pull apart! Get your copy of My Buddy on Amazon.

Service Dog Books For Kids: Sago

Children's Book on Service Dogs | Sago Special Service DogTitle: Sago, a Very Special Service Dog
Author: Beth Davis
Type: Fiction, With Real Pictures of Service Dogs
Topic: Wheelchair Service Dogs / Medical Assistance Dogs
Level: Beginning & Intermediate Readers

Sago shares the story of Debbie and her Wheelchair Assistance Dog Sago. The pair share an extraordinary relationship. Sago helps Debbie everyday in all kinds of ways, both at school and at home. This colorful and beautiful Service Dog book for kids also contains a ton of information on Service Dogs and Assistance Dogs and how they help all kinds of differently abled people. Get your copy of Sago, a Very Special Service Dog, from Amazon.

Service Dog Books For Kids: Raising a Hero

Service Dog Kids Book Raising a HeroTitle: Raising a Hero
Author: Laura Joffe Numeroff
Type: Fiction
Topic: Puppy Raising
Level: Very Young & Beginning Readers

Max is a young, happy puppy. Sam is a young, determined boy with a mission: help Max become a hero. Follow their journey as Max learns how to be a good Service Dog, all with Sam at his side. Raising a Hero beautifully illustrates the truth behind the saying, “In the chest of every Service Dog beats the heart of a puppy raiser.”

Service Dog Books For Kids: My Service Dog

Sensory Processing Disorder Dog BooksTitle: My Service Dog: Help For Sensory Processing Disorder
Author: Cindy M. Jusino
Type: Fiction, Based on a True Story
Topic: Sensory Processing Disorder Dogs
Level: Beginning Readers

My Service Dog: Help For Sensory Processing Disorder provides a beautifully written and illustrated guide to Sensory Processing Disorder Dogs and what life with one can look like. The story follows a boy and his Service Dog Toodles. This book can help ease fears or answer questions from children and adults alike concerning SPD and Service Dogs.

Bonus: Service Dog Coloring BookService Dog Coloring Book For Kids

Title: Coloring Book of Service Dogs
Author: Tom Coleman & Pawsitivity Service Dogs
Type: Coloring Book
Topic: Service Dogs
Level: All
Purchase: Amazon


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