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Bowser Beer for Dogs (a tasty, non-alcoholic treat!)

Bowser Beer (yes, it’s really for dogs!) …. Because Sometimes, Your Partner Just Needs a Cold One

Bowser Beer is 100% made AND sourced in the USA.

What’s in Bowser Beer for Dogs?

  • USDA beef or chicken.
  • Malt barley (full of B-vitamins) — just like in your beer.
  • Glucosamine for joint health.

What’s NOT in Bowser Beer for dogs?

  • Alcohol or carbonation.
  • Hops, which can be toxic to dogs.
  • Commercial broth (which contains loads of salt, fat, MSG, onions and meat of unknown origin).

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  • Beth Camp December 11, 2013

    What a clever way for my SDiT and my hubby to enjoy a “cold one” together after a hard day of work!

  • Teresa Dumas December 11, 2013

    I LOVE THIS!!! My SD Zeus would love to toss back a cold onein the summer when its so hot outside- Being in Utah its hard for a pooch to buy a beer! I love this idea! It rocks!!

  • maxhanckel December 12, 2013

    totally agree, what a great treat for a hard-workin pup after a long day of work!

  • Teresa Dumas December 12, 2013

    My Zeus would love to have a Bowser Beer every now and then ! WE believe it is good for whatever “ales” you in the hot summertime!

  • Kaitlyn Joseph December 12, 2013

    This is fun! Would get some cute pictures out of this!

  • Jag Boyer December 12, 2013

    i love this now the dogs can be part of boys night too

  • Kimberly Puryear December 14, 2013

    This sounds really cool. I will try this with my SD Oreo.

  • matthew Smith December 17, 2013

    Here’s hoping for a Cold on for you Jericho. You need it after a hard day of helping.

    Love you big guy.

  • Teresa Dumas December 17, 2013

    I would like to see a contest for a Beer Label- I think we could all come up with some really awesome labels!!! In the mean time I would love to give my Zeus and his pals a Bowser Brewskie !

  • Teresa Dumas December 22, 2013

    Bowser Beer- I am stoked that Zeus could actually get this!! What a unique idea and excellent gift!


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