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Howly Jowly 2013 Service Dog Gear Giveaway (Ends Dec 24th)

As a way to say “thank you” to everyone who’s helped support our goals of furthering training and behavioral standards for Service Dog teams in America this year, we’re hosting the first United States Service Dog Registry Howly Jowly Service Dog Gear Giveaway. We’ve got a big stack of gear, books, training DVDs, treats and all kinds of other goodies up for grabs and it’s our hope to help make the holidays brighter for as many Service Dog teams as we can. There’s no cost to participate, shipping for your prizes is free of charge and absolutely anyone with a Service Dog or SDIT is welcome to participate.

Gifts and doled out from the grab bag on a lottery system. The more times your name is “in the hat,” the more likely it is to be drawn out. Earn entries for the hat by following the steps outlined in each product post on the Howly Jowly Grab Bag gear page. Some products allow you to earn new entries every day, and others don’t. Some products have special requirements, but others don’t. Some products we have one of, and others we have 15. It’s all a surprise and even we don’t know the results!

Spread the word far and wide – we want to impact as many Service Dog teams as possible this holiday season. But in the meantime, get to having a Howly Jowly holiday!

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  • Teresa Dumas December 11, 2013

    I would absolutely adore getting a new head halter- or new patchs or a book or ANYthing!!! My SD Zeus and I both encourage compliance with the ADA as well as community-defined training and behavior standards. People watch us when we are in public and because of the added training and compliance with the ADA and the USSDR patch he proudly wears : people everywhere know we are a legit team!

  • Michelle December 17, 2013

    Great giveaway!!


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