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Howly Jowly 2015 Christmas Giveaway

Howly Jowly 2015: The Basics
The basics are simple: we’re giving away training books, really awesome tasty treats and superbly high quality toys and gear to as many Service Dog and SDiT teams as we can. There is no cost to enter or participate, shipping is free and anyone in the United States with a Service Dog or Service Dog in Training, whether or not you’re a USSDR registered team, is welcome to participate. 

The Howly Jowly Service Dog Gear Giveaway is our way of saying, “THANK YOU,” to all Service Dog teams in the United States Service Dog Registry family as well as those out of it who commit to being outstanding representatives for the Service Dog community by upholding training and behavioral standards for their partners. By helping us support our goals of furthering training and behavioral standards for Service Dogs in public, you’re making a big difference, and it’s our turn to give back!

downloadHowly Jowly 2015: Participation Requirements
In order to be eligible to “pawticipate” in the 2015 Howly Jowly Service Dog Gear Giveaway, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Own a Service Dog, Service Dog in Training, or be a professional dog trainer in a Service Dog training organization. While we love all dogs in general, pets or companion animals, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Animals and other working dogs (corrections K-9s, narcotics K-9s, Search and Rescue K-9s, etc.) are not eligible to receive gear from the Howly Jowly Giveaway.
  2. Be 18 or older. If your child has a Service Dog, you may enter for them.
  3. Be able to have a good time. We’re all here to have fun, celebrate a little and make the holidays brighter. Don’t be nasty, mean, disrespectful or negative. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Howly Jowly 2015: The Rules

  1. The 2015 Howly Jowly Gear Giveaway is hosted by the United States Service Dog Registry. Participating companies were hand-selected by our team for their quality products.
  2. There is no cost whatsoever to participate, enter the Howly Jowly Giveaway, win or receive Howly Jowly gear or for any other reason. Shipping to recipient Service Dog teams is free of charge.
  3. The Howly Jowly gear presented here has all been vetted by our trainer for safety. However, by entering and accepting any Howly Jowly gear, you accept full responsibility for its use. We can in no way be held liable for your participation or for any results of the 2014 Howly Jowly Gear Giveaway.Howly Jowly 2014 Enter Here
  4. You MUST be an individual with a disability partnered with a Service Dog or Service Dog in Training. Professional, organization-affiliated Service Dog trainers are welcome to participate.
  5. Be honest.

Howly Jowly 2015: How to Enter
Last year, we hosted the 2nd Howly Jowly Service Dog Gear Giveaway, and it was a great experience! This year, it’s much the same, but we’re streamlining the process a bit. To enter, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Enter Here” graphic on the right hand side of this post.
  2. Fill out the entry form. Ensure all details are correct, especially the spelling of your name and your email address. Click on “begin”
  3. Pick a blog post to comment on from the list that appears on your screen. Enter your comment and the name you used in commenting.
  4. Submit the entry form.
  5. Spread the joy! Share this post, and let other Service Dog teams in your life know about the Howly Jowly 2015 Gear Giveaway! The more, the merrier!

Howly Jowly 2015: This Year’s Offerings 









Calming Collars

Blue Buffalo Dog Treats and Chew Toys

DogReins Adjustable Leashes and Harness Leash Combo

Tuff Barker Climbing Rope Dog Leashes

Planet Dog Glow Balls

Summit Parka and Ultimate Warmer by Hurtta

Shaping Success by Susan Garrett

Martingale from K9 Lifeline Designs

This Giveaway has ended!



  • Lorrie L Leickel- Koch December 15, 2015

    Kolby has his paws crossed that he wins a prize.. or Two!!
    And.. he Has been a Really Good Boy this year!!

  • Sgt Lawrence Karels December 16, 2015

    How awesome to have a fun Christmas give away. Thank you for the email saying we won!

    • Lawrence January 21, 2016

      It said we won and gave our sizes yet have not gotten anything in the mail?

  • Brittany Clendenin December 16, 2015

    I’m so excited we have won something! Sully is really excited too! Can’t wait to receive the prize! Thank you so much for thinking of the service dogs during the holidays


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