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Dogs For Our Brave Fall 2016 Open Enrollment

Dogs For Our Brave is a 501(c)3 organization based out of St. Louis, Missouri. They place Service Dogs with veterans in all 50 states at no cost to the veteran or their family, and they cover the cost of caring for the dog for the team’s entire working life. Twice a year, they have an Open Enrollment period for the next class of dogs. Fall 2016’s Open Enrollment is in progress now, so if you know a veteran in need of an Assistance Dog, pass this info on!

In a nutshell, Dogs For Our Brave carefully screens and evaluates rescue dogs from all over the country for proper health, structure, genetics and temperament. They’re looking for dogs who are human focused, social, food motivated, quiet, clean and free from all forms of timidity, aggression, and reactivity. If you know of a dog you think might be suitable, let them know!

Once the dogs are found, the training begins. Dogs For Our Brave is dedicated to using motivational, force-free methods. This creates happy dogs and happy workers, and it also results in dogs who aren’t afraid to try new things and solve problems creatively.

After training is over, the entire class of dogs is brought into St. Louis, Missouri to be matched with the current class of veterans, all of whom are chosen during the twice-yearly Open Enrollment process. This fall’s Open Enrollment is happening RIGHT NOW, so don’t miss out!

Dogs For Our Brave Eligibility 

  • Must have served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces
  • Must be a Purple Heart recipient and/or have sustained disabling physical injury while in the course of combatDogs For Our Brave Service Dog Gabby
  • Must be willing to complete the extensive intake process

Dogs For Our Brave Process 

  • Fill out the application, which is available here
  • Wait to hear back
  • If accepted, provide additional supporting documentation as requested
  • Wait and enjoy the pictures and videos of your dog in training
  • Fly to St. Louis, MO with all travel, lodging and food covered by the program for team training, partnership, and graduation

Dogs For Our Brave covers the cost of caring for the Service Dog for the team’s entire working life. Here’s what that includes:

  • Food
  • Vet Care
  • Required equipment
  • Grooming, if required by breed type
  • Any necessary training updates

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