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YaffBar Variety Packs

YaffBars – energy bars you AND your dog can share! Available in three flavors, they’re great for stowing in your Service Dog or SDiT’s vest for a quick pick-me-up while you’re out and about. Read up on the YaffBar website to learn more about their great ingredients, nutritional/allergy information and more.

From the YaffBar website:

“So there you are, cruisin’ around with your pup, and you both get a craving – what do you do? Now you can snack and stay on the go with the world’s first “people food” bar designed to be shared with your best friend! This is pure puppy love in a bar: wholesome, hand-baked, and seriously delicious. And it’s full of healthy ingredients for both of you. So wag your tail, hit the trail, always share, and bark – that is, yaff – out loud!”

As a special thanks to our members and friends for helping us encourage voluntary acceptance of Service Dog training and behavior standards, we’re giving away free gear, books, treats and more with our 2013 Howly Jowly Gear Giveaway!

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  • De December 11, 2013

    And NO raisins! Great! My boy and I like to share treats. I don’t eat chocolate, but enjoy carob and so does he…well, these will give more flavors to enjoy together. YAY!!! Thanks for the opportunity to try these. Will have to search them out to see if local sites can carry them also. Blessings to the winner.

  • Kelsey and Kona December 11, 2013

    These sound yummy!

  • Heather E. L. Gerquest December 11, 2013

    My service dog often needs a treat like this in the middle of a busy day.

  • Kaitlyn Joseph December 12, 2013

    Sounds interesting, I would give them a try!

  • Jag Boyer December 12, 2013

    i always have snacks for me and my guys with me this would be great in reducing how much i have to carry

  • Littlewolf December 14, 2013

    Not sure what I would personally think of it taste wise, but I’d definitely be willing to give my SD one as a treat!

    • Kea Grace December 16, 2013


      The different flavors are WIDELY variant in taste. I’ve tried them all and while the peanut butter and banana one is pretty epic, the rest aren’t much for me. However, the ingredients are all amazing and they’d be great for a midday pick-me-up for a hardworking Service Dog (and handler, if need be!). They’d also be great to keep in an emergency or disaster kit. Even if you didn’t LIKE them, they’d be great, healthy, calorie-dense nutrition and would serve both of you in a pinch.

  • matthew smith December 17, 2013

    These look yummy. My buddy does so much I love to be able to give him something in return.

  • Teresa Fruchtl December 21, 2013

    I didn’t know these even existed! What a GREAT idea.


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