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The Find’em Scent Safe Helps You Find Missing Loved Ones More Quickly

Find'em Scent Safe Bloodhound Search Article

The Find’em Scent Safe, developed by police officer and canine handler Captain Coby Webb, Ph.D., allows families to collect and store uncontaminated scent samples for use by law enforcement or search and rescue K9 teams should a loved one go missing. Keep reading to learn more about the Find’em Scent Safe and how it can bring peace of mind to those who need it most.

Especially for families who have a child with autism or who take care of someone with Alzheimer’s, time matters when someone disappears. A clean scent sample allows tracking dogs to immediately get to work without delay. When families provide a scent article collected and stored the way the Find’em Scent Safe suggests, it eliminates questions about scent contamination. Knowing a tracking dog is on the correct scent means fewer delays and complications.

What is the Find’em Scent Safe?

The Find’em Scent Safe is a scent collection and storage system. Developed by decorated police K9 handler Dr. Coby Webb, the Find’em Scent Safe allows families to keep uncontaminated scent articles on hand in case law enforcement or search and rescue teams ever need them. The Scent Safe arrives in a sterile package and includes step by step instructions for obtaining scent samples and properly storing them within the Scent Safe.

Who is the Find’em Scent Safe For?

The Scent Safe kit helps bring peace of mind to anyone who loves someone at high risk of going missing. While children with special needs and elderly loved ones often come to mind first, hikers, hunters, and outdoorsmen also benefit from having an uncontaminated scent article available in case they need to be quickly found by dog teams. Dr. Webb specifically mentions children with autism, older dementia patients, elderly parents, and adventurers of all kinds. She also notes that the National Police Bloodhound Association recommends “that every family member secure a Find’em Scent Safe™ of their own.”

How Does the Find’em Scent Safe Work?

These kits allow parents, caretakers, and adventurers to gather scent and then store it long-term in an airtight container. If the person ever goes missing, a family member gives their Scent Safe to the K9 handler responding to the call. The search or tracking dog uses the pure scent article inside the safe to “zero in” on the scent they’re supposed to follow — that of the missing person. An uncontaminated scent article helps the K9 ignore the scent of other people in the search area and expedites the search process.

Find'em Scent Safe Collection Kit Bloodhound PlushThe kit uses the same process and technology law enforcement utilizes to get clean samples. Dr. Webb notes that the kit bypasses the chaos and panic most people experience when a loved one goes missing. There’s often a scramble to find a scent article and there’s high risk of contaminating the article because people are in a hurry. Additionally, collecting a scent article can chip away at the precious 3 hours law enforcement says provides the best results at a good outcome. Having a Scent Safe, Dr. Webb says, offers insurance just in case the unthinkable happens.

Purchase a Find’em Scent Safe

Find’em Scent Safe sells a single scent collection and storage kit online for $19.99. Packages of up to 5 kits are also offered, as well as specialty kits that utilize a stuffed Bloodhound dog as the scent article. The specialty kits start at $34.99 and are geared towards young children and those with special needs.



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