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April 2021

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Meet Aris, a 110 lbs. Czech Shepherd who, when they first met, tried to take a bite out of author Bob Wank. Once partnered, they formed an indestructible bond which enabled them to conquer any obstacles they faced along the way to becoming an elite team in police work, as well as in the field of search and rescue. Their mutual love for their work took them on a journey through dangerous situations, major evidence finds, chasing “bad guys” on the streets of Southern California and ultimately being deployed, with FEMA on 9/11, to one of the largest and tragic crime scenes our nation has ever seen. The book, Aris A K-9 Hero's Life Before, During & After 9/11 gives you a unique look into a working dog’s life. Bob’s vivid recounting of their shared experiences during Aris’ lifetime of service will give you a new appreciation for the remarkable capabilities of a professional K-9. From allowing children to pet him and pull his hair to barking a suspect into submission, he did it all. He was a credit to working dogs everywhere. About the Author Bob Wank retired as a Sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after 30 years of service. This is his first book which was written in memory of his amazing K-9 partner, Aris. Bob wanted Aris’s life of service to be shared in the hope that it would shed light on the awe-inspiring talents of working dogs and their handlers, as well as to remind people that they can put aside differences and unite to fight the evil in the world. After retirement, Bob began a new career as a flight attendant which has taken him many places and allowed him to meet people from all different cultures and environments. It has brought him a renewed desire to reach out to as many people as possible and attempt to inject a positive attitude towards life into everyone he meets. Other passions of his include spending time with his family, surfing, brewing beer, mountain biking, reading, and lying on the beach. He currently lives in Orange County, California. For more info check them out on Facebook or              

Many dog training professionals refer to small pieces of dog food rolls as "puppy crack." When properly prepared, food rolls provide easy, quick, long-lasting, nutritional high value training treats. This same method can also be used to dice up hotdogs or cheese blocks. Supplies Dog Food Roll Sharp Knife Cutting Board Container Gather your supplies ahead of time. After you open the food roll, cut it in half. This makes it easier to work with and hold. Continue cutting the roll until you have manageable chunks. For smaller rolls, this is best achieved by quartering it. For bigger rolls, you may have to repeat this process. Next, cut the chunks into slices. The thickness of the slices vary depending on your dogs' size or your dexterity. Bigger dogs need thicker slices, and thicker slices are easier to handle. Small dogs require smaller slices. Remember, the thinner your slices, the more treats you get. When working with high value treats, smaller is often better. Stack the slices, and cut them in half longways. You can stabilize the stack on either side with your fingers, and cut through the middle. Finally, cut the stack into thirds or quarters, depending on how big you want the final treats to be. Repeat for each stack of slices until you're finished. After you dice the entire roll, shuffle the pieces around with your hand to fully separate them into individual pieces. Place the pieces in a container or treat pouch.