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100 Unique Service Dog Names

Naming a Service Dog can be highly personal. Many people choose names that carry meaning for them. Others choose names from a TV show or book that they particularly enjoy. Still others research names extensively and choose names from another language or culture that convey something they want to always keep in mind. Here’s a list of 100 unique name ideas for Service Dogs!

Attribute Service Dog Names

Aart, Dutch – “powerful as an eagle”

Abelino, Germanic / Old English – “bird” – good for a light, lithe Service Dog

Adelmar, Germanic – “of noble strength” – good for a Brace Dog

Adelrik, Germanic – “powerful and strong”

Adira, Hebrew – “strong”

Aegius, Greek – “protector”

Alba – “white”

Aikin, Old English – “like an oak tree” – good for a strong, powerful Service Dog

Blaze – good for a dog with a white stripe on their face

Cyan – good for a dog with blue eyes

Many people pick a name based on their Service Dog’s color or appearance.

Dakota, unknown – “friendly companion”

Drojo, Old Saxon – “ghost, phantom” – good for a white or silver Service Dog

Hagan, Old English – “strong warrior”

Hazel – good for a dog with brown/green eyes

Jade – good for a dog with green eyes

Jedrek – “strong, manly”

Jett – good for a very darkly colored dog

Kieran, Gaelic – “little dark one”

Lenna, Old German – “lion’s strength”

Mazaran, French – “dark blue” – good for a dog with richly blue eyes

Remo – “the strong one”

Roux, French – “red, russet” – pronounced “Roo”

Saffron – golden-brown color

Sienna – rich brown color

Takeo, Japanese – “strong as bamboo”

Xanthe – yellow – good for a yellow Labrador

Meaningful Service Dog Names

Aapeli, Finnish – “breathing” – good for someone who needs a constant reminder to just breathe

Ace, Latin – “the best one”

Agni, Sanskrit – “from the fire” – good for someone seeking growth or a new way of life

Aurora, Latin – “dawn” – good for signifying new beginnings

Beacon, Old English – “signal light” – good for an alert dog

Eos – Greek goddess of dawn

Genesis – beginnings

Huchon, Gaelic – “heart, mind, spirit”

Imanu, unknown African origin – “spiritual guide”

Jodo, Indonesian – “buddy, friend, mate”

Consider picking a name that has meaning for you.

Jomei, Japanese – “spread light”

Kaibigan, Filipino – “friend”

Katlego, unknown African origin – “achieving”

Kiran, Sanskrit – “beam of light”

Maika’i, Hawaiian, “calm”

Nura, Arabic – “blazing light”

Oralee, Hebrew – “my light”

Paena, Hawaiian – “partner”

Tadeo, Aramaic – “gift” – good for a Service Dog who will give the gift of independence

Valerian – herb known for its calming effects

Zen, Japanese

Service Dog Names From Books, Movies, TV

Akasha / Akki – Vampire Chronicles

Albus – Harry Potter

Andromeda – Harry Potter

Cassian – Star Wars

Finn – Glee

Harley / Quinn – DC Comics

Hawkins – Stranger Things

Jedi – Star Wars

Jeminy – Pinocchio / Disney

Jethro / Gibbs – NCIS

Lana – Smallville

Shiloh, from the books, would be a great name for a Beagle!

Lem – Game of Thrones

Merry – Lord of the Rings

Nani – Lilo and Stitch / Disney

Parker – Desperate Housewives

Perdita – 101 Dalmations / Disney

Pippin – Lord of the Rings

Quent – Game of Thrones

Rogue – X-men / Star Wars

Rue – Hunger Games

Titan – Remember the Titans

Tristian – “Legends of the Fall”

Trixie – Harry Potter

Uhura – Star Trek

Natural Service Dog Names

Aiko, Japanese – “love child”














Nature offers lots of inspiration for a unique Service Dog name!









Solstice or “Sol”




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