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January 2016

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For many people, air travel is a regular occurrence and for others, they only fly once in a blue moon. Whether you fly several times a week or only once every few years or anything in between, adding a Service Dog into the mix does not have to make your trip stressful or a hassle. Read this step by step guide on flying with your Service Dog, and you'll be prepared for every single stage of your journey, from start to finish.

When it comes to flights, flying, airplanes and Service Dogs, the law is clear: your Service Dog gets to ride in the cabin free of charge. Disability or the size of the Service Dog doesn't matter, as long as the dog in question is partnered with someone who has a disability, and the dog is task trained to help mitigate that disability. Just because your Service Dog has access to the plane, though, doesn't mean they're ready to just waltz on board and go. Here are 5 vital skills your Service Dog needs before flying with you.

It's the season for thinking about New Year resolutions for 2016. Most people think about the usual things: losing weight, learning to live in the moment, etc. but our mission is to encourage disabled individuals who use Service Dogs to leave nothing but an excellent impression. Here are 10 ways to be a better Service Dog team in 2016!