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We all know about putting up "lost dog" flyers in our neighborhood — but did you know there's more you can do? How you report your dog as lost or missing will depend on the area where you live. Many counties have websites set up through animal services that allow you to create a missing alert for your pet. Call the local animal control or the ASPCA to find out if there is a way to file a lost pet report in your area. Unfortunately, many areas of the country cannot support such services. You have options though. You can use a lost dog app to create a missing alert. The app will then send out an alert to all users in your area. Here are some apps to consider: Finding Rover App Finding Rover utilizes facial recognition software to help match pictures of your dog to dogs listed as found. You can pre-register your pet on Finding Rover making it quick and effortless to create an alert if they do go missing. Finding Rover works with numerous shelters around the country to utilize the technology to bring more lost pets home. Shadow—Shadow utilizes thousands of volunteers to comb through shelter listings and found reports to help match missing pets with pets located in shelters or reported found by other users. Shadow puts you in touch with a community to help and support you through your search. The app also provides help in creating a flyer to have printed and distributed around the area where your dog went missing. Shadow App Shadow is the name of a dog who went missing on the streets of New York City. Her owner utilized social media and eventually found Shadow. From that experience, the idea of the Shadow app that would make it easier to connect a community of animal lovers who could rally together to find missing dogs was born. PiP App PiP is another app that utilizes facial recognition to help match missing and found pets, PiP sends a notification of a missing pet alert to animal control, rescue agencies, users and social media pages in your area. PawBoost App PawBoost allows you to alert their rescue squad via email and post your lost pet on their Facebook page. For more coverage, you have to pay a fee that creates a promoted post on Facebook. PawBoost has an array of free tools and an extensive searchable database that allows you to

The United States Service Dog Registry helps reunite a lost autism Service Dog with the two children she is trained to serve. The reunion occurred just days before the children's mother left for Iraq where she is a Clinical Psychologist assisting units dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as part of the Behavioral Sciences division of the Medical Service Corps.