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Service dogs are not just pets; they are loyal friends who become family to their owners. They come in handy for persons with any disability besides visual and hearing disabilities. The death of such a dog can be devastating. Since there are no prescribed ways for mourning and honoring deceased pets, you do what you can to celebrate your pet's memory. Below are ways to honor a dead service dog. Consider a pet cremation service Cremating your service dog is a great way to honor its memory. You may choose to hold a private cremation service together with others who interacted with the dog. Arrange for people to give tributes. This gives you comfort and peace of mind. After the service, your pet is cremated then their ashes are handed to you to bury or scatter. The pet cremation cost depends on the size of your pet. Hold a memorial service Since service dogs become a part of your family, holding a memorial service in their remembrance can be a great way to honor them and also help with the grieving process. You can invite family and friends to share your dog's memories and the experiences you had with them. Consider holding the service in an outdoor setting or your home. Plant a tree Whether you cremate or bury your service dog, consider planting a tree or a flower bed in their memory. This will help keep the dog's memory alive each time you look at the tree. Personalize an accessory in their memory A necklace, ring, or bracelet made with your dog's image, name, paw, or face is a great way to honor them because each time you wear them, you're reminded of them. You can also have jewelry made from their teeth. Getting a tooth set pendant crafted is another way to keep your pet's memory alive. You can also have pet memorial jewelry made using some of your dog's ashes. In addition, you can have a cup or a plate hand-made and printed with your dog's face. Donate in your dog's name Consider donating money, time, food, or anything that other dogs in a dog charity organization need. You may donate based on your dog’s species, appearance, or age. For example, if your service dog was elderly, donate to an organization that cares for senior dogs to better their lives. In addition, you may donate to the same organization you got your service dog from or towards